This project was created by Jim Knowles (NC State University) and Michal Koszycki (Princeton University). It grew out of a collaboration between Jim and Michal at the WIRED Digital Visualization Training Program at Duke University, summer 2010. Caroline Bruzelius provided inspiration and support throughout the process.

Jim Knowles is Teaching Associate Professor in the Department of English at North Carolina State University. He works on late medieval English literature, history, and theology. He is Managing Editor for the Piers Plowman Electronic Archive and Executive Secretary of its parent organization, the Society for Early English and Norse Electronic Texts (SEENET; https://www.seenet.org/). With Timothy Stinson, he is editing a parallel text of the three earliest printed editions of Piers Plowman, printed by the Protestant activist Robert Crowley in 1550. Jim also has an interest in historical visualization and the use of technological resources to bring the medieval past to life in new and innovative ways, both as a teacher and as a scholar.

Michal Koszycki holds a BA in philosophy from Duke University and a master’s degree in architecture from Princeton University.